GMO-FREE EUROPE – Konferenz im Mai 2015 in Berlin

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Gen-Dialog Europa - für ein gentechnikfreies Europa GENNETZ - Unabhängiger Info-Dienst seit Februar 2010

image003-1Dear friends of a GMO-free Europe!

Are you proud to be part of a food and farming culture free of genetically engineered crops? Are you concerned about international threats to seed diversity, agro-ecology and small farmers? Are you part of GMO-free solutions, research and development and business opportunities?
Then it is our pleasure to invite you to the GMO-free Europe Conference 2015 on May 6th – 8th in Berlin.
This conference marks the tenth anniversary since our first GMO-free Regions conference in Berlin in 2005. For the first time we jointly organize this conference with 62 governments of the GMO-free Regions Network and the Danube Soya business and farmers association. There will be joint sessions as well as a dedicated NGO day on May 7th.
Main topics on the agenda are national bans of GMO cultivation implementing the recent EU opt-out legislation; a European GMO-free protein strategy; new GM technologies…

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